Lee, Pei-LingTel:31432 Email:peill@mail.nctu.edu.tw
1. Relevant business of subsidy domestic researcher attending international academic conference by Ministry of Science and Technology
2. Subsidy PHD students and Young research personnel applying summer research in Japan or academic visiting by Ministry of Science and Technology and Interchange Association, Japan
3. Relevant of application for research result reward (College of Information,
College of Engineering, College of Humanities and Social Science, College of Hakka Studies) for the teachers and research personnel in our university and documents approval
4. Other supporting issues
Chen, Chia-YuTel:31401 Email:cyc106@nctu.edu.tw
1. Alternative military service developed by Ministry of Interior
2. Index research information system maintenance and management
3. Provide relevant performance index information for research and development
4. Announcement and application of awards
5. Other supporting issues
Lin, Pei-FenTel:31535 Email:pflin@g2.nctu.edu.tw
1. Relevant business of merit pay application, deliberation, listing and performance
2. Relevant business of renting subsidy application for new teachers and listing
3. Relevant business of Ministry of Science and Technology reward and specific
excellent talents recruitment application, deliberation, listing and performance evaluation
4. Relevant business of research proposal between Taipei Veterans General Hospital and University System of Taiwan
5. Relevant business of rewarding our students who win important awards
6. Relevant of student excellent periodical thesis reward application, deliberation and approval
7. Other supporting issues
Chang, Chia-YunTel:31232 Email:chia42@g2.nctu.edu.tw
1. Application of teacher and PHD Students attending international conference subsidy and business of cancel after verification
2. Relevant business of students joining international competition subsidy by Ministry of Education and NCTU
3. Relevant business of Lam Research Competition
4. Conducting ceremony for teaching staff and students in our university who are awarded important academic awards
5. Relevant business of international top 100 cooperation proposals.
6. Other supporting issues
Ou Yang, Wen-ChinTel:53255 Email:wenchin@mail.nctu.edu.tw
1. Relevant business of Smart Healthcare Promotion Office
2. Statistics and update of awarding information of teaching staff
4. Academic contract-signing related between our university and domestic universities and institutes
4. Other supporting issues