Main Task:
Plan and promote relevant integration research development cross colleges, departments and centers.

Key Work Item:
1. Build up teacher research and development result index and incentive business

  • Thesis statistics and research index
  • Teacher research and development result index information system in our university
  • Teacher and research staff research result incentive in our university
  • Important award application business and award statistics domestic and overseas
  • Subsidy application of teacher attending conference meeting in our university

2. Student research and development energy promotion and encouragement

  • Student creative competition and thesis competition
  • Subsidy of research students attending international conference by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Student excellent periodical thesis incentive

3. Recruitment of research and development personnel

  • Execution of alternative military system developed by Ministry of the Interior

4. Others

  • Deal with the business of “Research proposal systematically cooperated between Taipei Veterans General Hospital and University System of Taiwan ”

Temporary business and tasks assigned by supervisors