A. Research Projects
1. Subsidies of academic research and international cooperative projects
for the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

  • General Funding Research Projects.
  • Items related to other R&D subsidies and official document. 
  • Industry-university Cooperative Research Project.
  • International Cooperative Research Project.

2. Subsidies of Cooperative Education Projects and allocation / auditing of management fees.

B. Research Encouragement of the MOST

  • Items related to the Outstanding Research Award, Merit MOST Research Fellow Award, and Ta-You Wu Memorial Award.
  • Items related to the College Student Participation in Research Projects and College Student Research Creativity Award.

C. Utilization for remains of previous projects

D. Statistics of Conferences, as well as Compiling of Project Summary Reports

  • Subsidies for conferences of public and private institutions such as the MOST and Ministry of Education.
  • Compiling of research project statistics and diagrams. 
  • Information processing of Chinese and English abstracts of research projects and website construction.