Start-up Research Equipment Grant for New Academic Appointees by Office of Research and Development


1. The purpose of this fund is to assist new academic appointees in launching their research careers. Applicants are required to submit their proposals sponsored by the Ministry of Science & Technology or other sponsors. Project Management Division and Dean’s approval. The fund is available to new specially appointed associate professors or above.  


2. To dovetail with the fiscal year starting January 1 and related regulations of Directions for the Unit Budget Implementation of Central Government Agency, Office of Research and Development will notify new appointees, who reported for duty at 1st semester (August), at the beginning of the 2nd semester (February). Fund applications shall be finished before the end of September each year to facilitate the financial process and its execution.


3. The amount of grant funds will be allocated by Office of Research and Development, depend on the availability of annual funds and total number of new academic appointees. 


*The Chinese version of the document shall prevail in case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Chinese version and its English translation.