How to access the personal ID and password of MOST advanced instruments?

Select “Sign up” at the homepage of MOST website and fill in required columns to access your ID and password. The original ID (started with the letter U) and password are expired due to system modification.

How to make reservations when I first log in the system?

New users should select “Reservation”/”Project plan” to enter a research project number, save and print “Thematic plan to use your meter facility consents”. Submit the form to Center for Advanced Instrumentation with the signature of PI(seal is not acceptable). With the authentication of our staff, new users can make reservations.

How to print “Thematic plan to use your meter facility consents "?

Please visit “The Instruments Information System” and select “Reservation”/”Project plan”, fill in the research project number, save and print “Thematic plan to use your meter facility consents ".

I cannot seek approval from the PI who is currently out of town or in vacation, what should I do?

Please seek approval from co-PI or the person on behalf of PI.

Why can’t I make the reservation through the system after applying for adding new projects?

Reservations can only be made when online applicants gained approval from PI and submit “Thematic plan to use your meter facility consents” to Center for Advanced Instrumentation for authentication.

The projects submitted for approval are not displayed when I am making reservations, why?

Please confirm if “Thematic plan to use your meter facility consents” is being submitted or not, authentication can only be performed when our staff receive the form.

My project is being locked when I wanted to make reservations, what should I do?

The project is being locked due to the outstanding 10% cash charge, please visit “The Instruments Information System” to check for the outstanding amount and make payments at Center for Advanced Instrumentation. Reservations will be resumed with clearance of all outstanding payments.

What should I do when there is error in “The Instruments Information System”?

Please contact MOST staff at 0800-212-058 for immediate assistance.

What should I do if I have enquiries concerning the service related to advanced instruments?

Since Center for Advanced Instrumentation is not responsible for handling technical enquiries, please consult our technicians if you have any enquiries. Contact number of technicians can be found at personnel profile.

Where is Center for Advanced Instrumentation?

Office of Research and Development, 8/F, National Chiao Tung University Library, Kuang-Fu Campus