2018 NCTU Seed Fund Entrepreneurial Competition

承辦人員 Miss Hsu 承辦電話 53252

(Deadline of Online Registration until 9/28)
Regulations for 2018 NCTU Seed Fund Entrepreneurial Competition (Summary)

  1. Eligibility
    The entrepreneurial team or the startup should be formed of at least two people, and at least one member belongs to NCTU faculty/staff or is a current NCTU student/ an alumni graduated in 2013 or after.
  2. Competition Schedule



6/1 & 9/14

Information sessions on campus


Deadline of Online Registration


Deadline of summiting PPT slides of the entrepreneur ideas 


Preliminary Result Announcement


Oral Presentation for Semi-Final 

End of October

Deadline for summiting Conceptual Business Plan

Early December

Teams which pass the semi-final will sign up for the matching, and each team will work with one mentor from Spring Foundation of NCTU

Late May 2019

Final Business Plans Selection

If necessary, the committee will hold the second batch of the final business plans selection. (All teams who want to enter the final stage have to submit the final business plans before the end of 2019.)



  1. Process of the Competition
    The public announcement of the competition → The online registration → Submit the documentary PPT slides of the entrepreneur ideas and enter the preliminary → Announce the results of preliminary → Submit the presentation files of five minutes and enter the semi-final A of the oral presentation interview à Announce the results of semi-final A → Submit the conceptual business plans and enter the semi-final B → (The teams that cannot get the conceptual plan approved need to attend the business plan development workshop) → Announce the results of semi-final B → Sign up for the matching between mentors and startup teams → Submit the final business plans, finish the company registration and enter the final → Announce the results of the final → Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration will invite the winning teams to share how to write business plans.
  2. Awards
    Semi-final Passed NT 100,000; Final Stage Passed NT 200,000.
  3. Regulations Downloads
    http://psee.io/5WK49 (English & Chinese versions)
  4. Sign up for the competition:
  5. Contacts
    CAIC Miss Hsu 03-5712121*53252 nctuseedfund@gmail.com

Deadline of Online Registration




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