Many years ago, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) positioned the biotechnology development direction of Boai Campus under the field of BioICT®. Starting from the “Forward-looking Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building” of Boai Campus, NCTU will transform Boai Campus, which was a major base for electronic development, into a national research center with research and clinical trial capacity, so that it can carry the role of becoming a university development highlight in the new generation. By strengthening its cooperation with domestic medical research institutions and well-known foreign medical research institutions, this place will become a national medical research park featuring biomedical technology and smart medical services.

With the distant connection of medical networks and big data, it upholds the goals of comprehensive information digitalization, smart medicine and home medical care to construct smart medicine application venues to promote the technological and applicative development of versatile and customized smart medical services.

NCTU expects that with the promotion of “Center For Smart Healthcare Promotion”, the R&D progress of smart healthcare will be used to benefit more patients, improve medical efficiency and quality, improve doctor-patient relationships, carry out patient-oriented customized smart medical care, and lead the medical industry of Taiwan to break new grounds.