Organization of Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration(CAIC)
Technology Licencing Office 
1. Mission:
(1) To commercialize intellectual property.
(2) To establish technology incubation platform with NCTU values embedded.
(3) To leverage the collaboration between Academia R&D resources and Industry strength.
(4) To make the success of incubates and partners.
2. Major Activities:
(1) IP Management 
-- Patent application, maintenance
-- IPR Database
-- Technology Marketing 
-- Technology Evaluation
(2) Technology Service
-- Coordinating needs with seeds 
-- Technology Promotion 
-- Academia-Industry Collaboration
(3) Technology Licensing
-- License Negotiation
-- Legal Consulting 
-- Royalty Management
(4) Innovation Incubator
-- Business Planning, Consulting, and Assisting
-- Access Funding Channel
-- Administrative Support
Center for Entrepreneurship  and  Incubation (CEI)
1. Missions:
(1) Technology type incubation
(2) Full-spectrum incubation program
(3) Unique incubating service
2. Dual Mode Incubation
(1) BoAi Campus: 
-- Diversified incubating function
(2) SOC Incubation Center:
A. SoC-related incubating function
-- Launched on 2005
-- SoC hub for tech/HR in HSP
-- Excellent position to reach the IC resources 
B. Qualification for incubatees
-- Small/Medium size technology company
-- Focus on IC design and SoC product
Incubation Service